How to wisely choose your S&R trolley?

How to wisely choose your S&R trolley?

As an essential material for large format digital print workshop, for graphic art professionals, decorative services and many more, trolleys allow you to easily move « digital film reels » and/or large format « sheet rolls ». In addition, Stock & Roll trolleys are particularly useful to both relieve your workers from heavy weight and ensure material cleanliness during storage. How to choose the best model that will fit your need and requirement among our product range.

A choice depending on your material

For large format digital print workshop, for graphic art professionals, decorative services and many more, daily work is often marked by digital rolls or large format sheet rolls . storage and transport. At Stock&Roll, we propose you innovative trolley, derived from advanced engineering, adapted to all sizes, rolls and weight but also to your working environment. Stock&Roll devices allow you to store and move up to 6 160cm wide rolls in a vertical position, Big Stock&Roll devices are specially designed for 18 rolls and can handle up to 900 kg.

For bigger width up to 5m, you may need Buddy rolls. This trolley can move up to 2000kg in a horizontal position and can be used inside your workshop as well as outside. Depending on your need, additional baskets can be added to the device in order to stock and roll 9 big rolls. Stock & Roll rolling devices also help you save consequent space and provide a specific emplacement to identify your rolls. Thanks to a rotary and modular system, Podium product range is easily adaptable to the configuration of any workshop.

A choice depending on ergonomics

Ergonomics is an essential criterion to take into account when choosing your rolling device, which has to ensure both users comfort and security. Older system requires more effort to take or store rolls. These efforts have immediate consequences as musculoskeletal disorders on workers (back, wrist, shoulders, elbow). Stock Roll devices are equipped with a patented safety system that enable easy roll manipulation when dropped or took.

Fitted with high performance wheel, StocK&Roll rolling device allow you to easily move your rolls on every type of floor. These multidirectional wheels are created to precisely control your direction even in cramped spaces. And for an optimal use of Stock&Roll, you have at your disposal different high-quality adapted accessories that can be added to the device. Rolls unwiders, personalized baskets, tightening reel clips but also product label identification; everything was created to ease large rolls storage, transport and handling.

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