Buddy Roll 1 -Support de transport 1 bobine

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Compact - ⌀60cm base

2 differents kind of basket who fit the size of your rolls.

Mobile - 6 Wheels, high-performance

Buddy-Roll allows you to lay and move your heavy rolls for indoor and outdoor handling. It can carry 5 rolls up to 2000kg.

Custom-Made !

Whatever your organization is, the size or number of rolls you use, Buddy-Roll will fit your needs. You can order it by one unit or by pair and equip it with as many baskets you need. Its adaptability allows to be used in many ways.

Name Height Number of rolls Maximum width Maximum weight Number of wheels Baskets
Buddy Roll 1 1.25 m 1 250 cm 1000kg 4 normal + 2 with brake Ø50cm maximum