How do you choose your Stock and Roll shopping cart?

Essential material in large-format digital printing workshops, for graphic arts professionals, decoration services, teachers, etc. The rolling trolley makes it easy to transport reels of digital films and/or large-format tarpaulin rolls. Beyond that, Stock and Roll rolling racks are especially useful for relieving your teams of heavy loads, while ensuring the cleanliness of your materials during storage. How do you choose the model that best meets your expectations and requirements across our product line?

A choice based on your materials

For large-format digital printing workshops, graphic arts professionals, decoration services and teachers, the days are often punctuated by the storage and movement of large reels of adhesive films and/or rolls of tarpaulin and/or large-format paper. At Stock and Roll, we offer innovative, advanced-engineered trolleys, suitable for all sizes of reels and rollers, their weights, but also your work environment. If stock-roll models can store and carry up to 6 160 cm wide rolls in an upright position, the Grand Stock-Roll is suitable for moving up to 18 reels and can support up to 900 kg.

For the larger laizes up to 5 m, opt for Buddy Roll Roll. This trolley can carry up to 2000 kg in a horizontal position, and can be used both inside and outside your workshop. Depending on your needs, this model can be equipped with additional baskets to be able to position and move up to 9 large reels. Stock and Roll rolling racks also offer a significant space saver and have a dedicated location for identifying your rollers. Thanks to a rotating and flexible system, the Podium range easily adapts to the configuration of all workshops.

A choice based on ergonomics

Ergonomics is an essential criterion to consider when choosing a handling trolley. The latter must ensure the comfort of its users while guaranteeing their safety. Older systems require a lot of effort to grasp or store coils. These efforts have a direct impact on the development of MSDs (Coude, shoulder, back wrists..) The various Stock and Roll models are equipped with a patented safety system that will make it easier to handle the heavy load, whether it's when it's dropped off or removed. Simply release security and then flip the reel you need with one hand. It is on this point that Stock and Roll differs from its competitors, because the typing or storage of coils is done naturally. This support system also allows a single person to easily move multiple rolls in one move and safely.

Featuring high-performance wheels, the Stock-Roll rolling support makes it easy to move your coils on any type of floor. These multi-directional wheels will allow you to evolve easily and accurately, even in cramped spaces. And for the best use of your trolley, Stock and Roll offers you many adapted accessories of premium quality. Reel unrollers, customizable baskets, reel-tightening clips or product identification tags...: everything has been designed to make it easier to store, move and manipulate your large-format reels and rollers.